Tax efficient giving
Accessible charitable funding


Bumbershoot Charity UK is a charity registered in Scotland which aims to help UK based volunteer organisations who develop, educate and make positive difference to the community. 

Demand for charitable funding in the UK is huge and as such many worthy community organisations will miss out on charitable funding in favour of other more needed or compelling causes. 

Day in, day out, individuals donate and gift money directly to the organisations that they or their children support.  These are gifts, which are more often than not eligible for Gift Aid but simply slip through the net.

Bumbershoot Charity UK aims to give individuals a chance to give more tax efficiently and to offer the right kind of organisations the chance, to get small amounts of additional funding.

Providing Bumbershoot Charity UK agrees that your organisation satisfies its application criteria, your organisation will receive any donation that has been given to Bumbershoot Charity UK which has been accompanied by an instruction that your organisation is the desired recipient cause.  You will also receive any eligible Gift Aid, generated from the original donation.  For example, if a member currently pays £10 per month in subscription fees, that could become £12.50 nb: Collection of donations may attract third party transaction fees.


You can apply to Bumbershoot Charity UK if your organisation is a:

  • Voluntary or community organisation (including if you are a registered charity or company, or a social enterprise) or another unincorporated association, with a written governing document and at least 3 unrelated people on your management committee or board
  • Community council


And your organisation’s activities do at least one of the following:

  • Increase people’s skills and life chances
  • Get people more active through sport
  • Strengthen how your community works together


Full eligibility criteria can be found within Bumbershoot Charity UK’s application guidance notes, available via MCH registration or directly at