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Last Man Standing Event:

Gartcairn Women Last Man Standing

First fixture: 27th November 2021 at 11.30am Entry fee: £10.00 Rules of the game Promoter's details
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Raised for: To help the women progress throughout the season 2021/22
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General Playing Rules

Each week, those in the competition pick one team from a list of fixtures. If you do not choose one team a pick will be automatically made for you. Importantly, a player cannot make the same pick more than once during the same competition. If the team you pick wins, you’ll progress to the next round. If your team draws or loses and you have no additional lives, you’ll be eliminated from the competition. If your team's match is postponed, you will be carried over to the next round and you'll be unable to pick that team again in the same competition. The competition continues week by week until one person is left or a minimum number of people are eliminated at the same time – that person(s) is the winner and will be crowned the "Last Man Standing".

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