A complete digital hub for managing Volunteer Organisations & Clubs

  • Increase revenue
  • Free up time
  • Automate administration
  • Reward members

Typical 40% increase in revenue

Make your money work harder, faster and further.  Did we mention less effort?  Automated Gift Aid processing technology, digital fundraising tools and key partner financial incentives can enhance your existing revenue.

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Truly automated & digital

Volunteering can be a busy and thankless task so whether it’s managing day to day duties, committee actions or maintaining a compliant club, supported by nearly 250 design features, your time and effort needn’t be stretched.  

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Enjoy being a volunteer

transform your club management experience and have more time to do what you love

  • Enable charitable giving

    Donor payment collections and automated Gift Aid processing will enable tax efficient giving and free up valuable resources.  Not a charity?  Help could be at hand!

  • Earn from financial products

    Potential savings for your members and earning opportunities for your organisation from the sale of financial products that we all just have to buy, day in day out!

  • Save time every week

    Harness modern day technology and genuinely eliminate unnecessary time and effort that is taken up doing essential task management and administration.     

  • Get back to core purpose

    Manage compliance and ease the fundraising burden through multiple digital tools, alternative revenue generation opportunities and financial member incentives. 

  • Retail rewards for all

    Put money back in pockets with cash incentives for all your members and great loyalty rewards to be used against team wear purchases from
    MCH Sports

  • Self funding pricing

    Generate value for and from your members and you will easily ensure that our competitive, member based pricing model will quickly turn a cost in to profit. 

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People love My Club Hub

  • "My Club Hub was a fantastic opportunity our club couldn't miss out on. For us to take that next step, our needs were for a system that could support coaches with spending more time on the pitch coaching, building a stronger communication with all members and finding new opportunities to increase revenue into the club."

    Thomas McCabe Club Development Officer

  • "The difference that MCH makes to me in my role and to our society as a whole is quite amazing, I've not seen anything else like this.   "

    Neil Campbell Treasurer

  • "Highly impressed with My Club Hub! This has the opportunity to bring our whole club together and help take us to the next level."

    Suzanne Westwood Club Secretary