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Please note: This calculation is an estimate based on your calculator inputs, assumptions of current club earnings and assumed usage of MCH


MCH generates real financial value both for and from your member base, which is reflected in our ‘per member’ pricing structure.

So whether your club absorbs the cost of MCH fees, or passes them on to its members, you can both be confident of getting real value for money.

Fees are charged at a rate of 10% of your existing monthly member subscription fee and are capped at upper (£1.50) and lower (£1.00) limits.

*Min £1 – Max £1.50. Fees are collected in 2 parts – 1% or 20p (whichever is greater) of the club monthly member fee is collected from the registered member - the balance of fees are collected from the registered club. E.g. £20 club monthly member fee = £1.50 MCH fee (£20 x 1% = 20p deducted from member - £1.30 fee balance collected from registered club).

Gift Aid processing services are available on a stand alone basis. Charge 5%

Benefit recap

  • Significantly increase revenue
  • Save hours every week
  • Get back to core purpose
  • £100 annual member incentive
  • Teamwear deals & rewards
  • Top sporting brands
  • Member & supporter savings
  • Club remuneration
  • Multi product price comparison
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