Grow in a digital age

We live in a digital age – but does your organisation?

Digital is everywhere, it’s in our personal and professional lives, it’s a way of life. Quite simply, it’s expected and voluntary organisations are in danger of being left behind.

MCH can bring your organisation in to the digital age, transform the experience of all those that are part of it and help future proof its existence, long after the volunteers of today are gone.

Digitalised administration and fundraising activity will eliminate effort, common frustration and many of the excessive demands of being a volunteer.

You can enjoy being, attracting and retaining volunteers in support of your cause, safe in the knowledge that MCH has got your back on the boring stuff.

It really is difficult to argue with the digital facts and dangerous to ignore the benefits they can bring.

So why not let MCH help your organisation to GROW IN A DIGITAL AGE.

Future proof your organisation

Volunteering can be a daunting prospect because it’s demanding but, without fail, we seem to reinvent the wheel and forget about good practice of the past. Even worse, when people change, there’s often very little handover and we start our processes from scratch. Change is inevitable but it shouldn’t interrupt core activity. MCH is a complete digital management hub that is best practice tried and tested and seamless through change, FOREVER.

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Eliminate excessive demand

Whether it’s managing day to day duties, committee actions or maintaining a compliant club - administrative and fundraising tasks & duties often fall at the feet of the same willing volunteers. MCH technology could cut resource time by at least 20% giving you back precious time for other things.

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Enjoy being a volunteer

Attracting and retaining volunteers is a challenge in itself and many feel trapped, due to the belief there’s no one available to take over. Digitalising your management experience will significantly reduce the demands faced by the common volunteer and help attract new people to your organisation.

That means you can get back to enjoying and furthering the cause that got you in to volunteering in the first place.

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Value for money?

Digitising the management of your organisation will significantly reduce effort and cut resource time.  How much is your time worth? 

Check out the Benefit Calculator if you haven't already, it really is compelling!

At a maximum cost of up to £18 per member, per year, your members could save £100’s every year and your organisation could typically increase revenue by 40%



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