Focus on core purpose

Whatever your organisational purpose is, it's unique to your organisation, it's what your organisation exists for, and serving it is what motivates you, to do what you do.

"Enable volunteer organisations to revolutionise the way they are funded, resourced and administratively managed"

MCH Strategic Purpose

Everything else that you do, is just noise that gets in the way of delivering your purpose.

You don't need a corporately worded purpose like ours, you may not even have one documented. Either way, it won't be designed around the unappreciated things that you do in the background.

Volunteers give up on average 11 hours of time every 4 weeks and many feel that things could be improved, things that detract from core purpose.

Let us deliver our purpose so you can focus on yours!

Automated payment collection

65% of formal volunteers say raising or handling money is the most common type of activity they undertake.  Partner integrated technology provides the quickest and easiest way to take one-off and recurring payments online, saving you time and improving the cashflow of your organisation.  Multiple users can keep up-to-date on the status of payments, via online dashboard and email notifications.  

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efundraising saves time & hassle

50% of formal volunteers say organising or helping to run an event is the 2nd most common type of activity they undertake.  Automated Gift Aid processing, digital event management, online facilities rental and compliant e-fundraising tools will help you facilitate and enhance fundraising activity at the touch of a button.


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A more productive committee

28% of formal volunteers say being a committee member is the 3rd most common type of activity they undertake.  Online action management allows you to allocate, track, chase and report key actions real time and combined with the many other time reduction tools across MCH, it won’t be long before the committee meeting agenda is cleared of recurring items, leaving you to more productively push on with the real challenges.

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Value for money?

What so many volunteers think and say, speaks for itself - things could and should be better!

MCH generates real financial value, saves significant amounts of time and resource and helps safeguard the future of any volunteer organisation, leaving you to focus on the things that matter.

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